Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guide to fully experience the still-mail (a) - attachment

Features on the still-mail

* Send and receive e-mail is no longer rely on laptops and networks, business trip easy to leave

* E-mail to receive, reply, send, forward a complete experience, but also supports various formats of attachments

* Receive free control message size, not take away the original message

* Personalized settings, so my email is still different

* Mobile access to the Internet will be able to use still-mail

Point in the preparation of a new message menu button, select "Accessories", then the list will automatically jump to the attachment page, select "Add", you can attach the.

Select the folder location in the BB and find you want to send the file, select "Confirm."

Annex the list now have a file you have just selected, and then add a bar, continue to choose "Add."

This amr files add a voice message right, huh, huh. Two documents are now in a annex to the list. Shang-mail attachment support message sending N Oh, but the upper limit of the current domestic GPRS uplink only 4K / S, so if the attachment is too large to send, only the patience to wait for the ... ...

Now back to editing the page, written messages, attachments can be associated with sent.

Received! Ha ha ~

On the phone with the mail file, than Bluetooth travels far stronger than the SMS, MMS than the benefits, you are not too Tempted?

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Test emergency response capacity of cities: urban emergency on the road

April 1999, Premier Zhu Rongji when he was invited to visit the Chicago 911 center, Zhu Rongji that the U.S. 911 emergency system is a modern symbol of the city, he said Chicago Mayor Daley saying: "I hope you can The modern facilities introduced to China. "In the same year in October, Mayor Lin Guoqiang Shuaidui visit Nanning Chicago.

After nearly a year of deliberation, in May 2002, Nanning City Emergency Response System put into operation, this is our country into the first set of city emergency response system, China emergency systems Swagger excited to catch this opened the curtain.

In 2003, a public health emergency - SARS from spreading, the sting of people's nerves, but also tortured with a social response to sudden crisis, determination and ability. Since then, a series of strike out: in May, "Public Health Emergency Ordinance" published; in July, the state proposes to speed up construction of public emergency response mechanism to major issues, the State Council has set up a "setting up the public Events Working Group on Emergency Plan "; in September," Beijing contingency plan for SARS Prevention "published; Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places began to build linkage system.

Then in 2004, a provincial city emergency response focus of the work, in just two or three months, many cities are beginning to be launched emergency response.

January 2005, "the overall national public emergency contingency plan" allowed to pass through. July 22 ~ 23, the State Council held a national work conference on emergency management, emergency management in China include the regular, institutional and legal work of track.

January 8, 2006, the State Council issued "the overall national public emergency contingency plan", the State Council, relevant departments have prepared a special plan for national and sectoral plans; all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the provincial public emergency contingency plans in general have been completed.

In the same year in May, the State Department Office of Emergency Management (State Department duty officer's office) was established.

In recent days, according to information from the State Administration of Work Safety, in 2006, China has formulated contingency plans for more than 1.35 million pieces of various provinces (regions and municipalities) 97.9% of the city (prefecture) and 92.8% of the counties (cities) to develop overall emergency plan. Central business plan to develop up to 100%, most scale enterprises in high-risk industries have developed contingency plans. National Emergency Plan system has taken shape.

According to the China Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University, director of the Center for Public Safety Research Professor Fan Weicheng, our country's emergency response system has been taking the forefront in developing countries, compared with developed countries, technically still a gap, but it must be able to catch up.

Impressive is gratifying, but facing a serious situation, we must be more forward.

Look at the focus of news since 2006, you will find that the Keywords: bird flu, took the lead Qi two drug counterfeiting drugs, a large area of Urumqi, stop heating, natural gas leak in Chongqing Kai County, encountered a wide range of cyanobacteria, Wuxi, Chongqing and many other cities subjected to flooding ... ... every outbreak of public emergency, are a test of the affordability of a city, but also warned that we can not have a shred of slack.

A local information office is responsible for building the city emergency response system, the person in charge has disclosed to the media throughout the emergency management office now has been established or are preparing to set up, the state also requires the establishment of cities throughout the emergency management system as soon as possible, "but the mode, choose any system, we have some confusion. we've been to Nanning, Yangzhou city to inspect, but after all, every city has its own situation, can not completely copy, how to come out of their way, we are actively exploring them. "

Recently, the "China Computer Newspaper," was held in the city emergency management roundtable forum, experts, enterprises and users around the city emergency management to discuss hot topics and made a city emergency management in the four major problems: how to achieve common and individual characteristics unity, how to promote the integration of emergency response resources, how to achieve industrialization and emergency and non-emergency operation, should the issue of integration. How to solve these problems, is definitely worth trying to find out in practice and innovation.

"Zuo," saying: be prepared, thought is well prepared, be prepared for. City Emergency, we are still on the road.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

CorelDRAW 12 step by step (4) - filled with brush and colors

lesson 4 brush filled with color

First, brush tool

Art document tools

"Art document tool" is a kind of CorelDRAW provides fixed or variable width and shape of the special brush tools. Use it to create special artistic effects of line or pattern.

In the "art document tool" attribute column, provides five different functions of the pen-shaped buttons and options settings. Select a pencil and set the width option number in the drawing page, click and drag the mouse to draw a colorful pattern effect.

Default button: This option is used to pre-art media pen shape. In the slider bar to set the brush strokes of smoothness; in the options bar set the width of the brush strokes; in the drop-down list box select CorelDRAW12 provide you with dozens of pen shape.

(1) brush art tools

Art of document tools (pen) property column

(2) spray can art of document

Art of document tools (Spray Art pen) property column

(Spray cans) button: Press this button, you can draw over the place in a fountain spray pattern chosen. In the drop-down list box to select the desired pattern Airbrush; in the column to set the size of a fountain pattern; the column selection bar, choose printing mode for the "random", "order" or "by direction"; press the button can be satisfactory design has been selected to Airbrush pattern list, and can press the button, the dialog box that pops up a list of editing Airbrush pattern; the column can be adjusted by printing the number and spacing of objects in the painting; press the button, you can In the pop-up dialog box set the printing object rotation; button in the dialog box, set the object to be offset printing and offset direction; press the button to reset values.

Using preset pencil, brush, and the effect of rendering Airbrush

(3) document the art of calligraphy

Art document tool (the art of calligraphy pen) property column

Using the art of calligraphy and paint the art of writing

(4) Pressure artistic document

Art of document tools (pressure pen) property column

In this case, the "pressure" is the use of the word "pressure pen) plotted, the graph of fireworks and the use of spray cans into the draw.


Second, color fill

Color fill for the performance of the work is very important, in CorelDRAW12, there are solid color fills, gradient fills, pattern fills, texture fills, PostScript fills.

1. Uniform filling

Uniform filling is the most common form of a filling. There are prefabricated in CorelDRAW12 palette, you can "window" under the "palette" to fill, methods of operation:

Method 1: select the object, the color palette selected by left.

Method 2: Drag the color palette on the object, the time when the cursor becomes loose.

Custom standard fill

Although CorelDRAW12 Many of the default palette, but relative to the number of colors used on the millions, in many cases, the standard must customize the fill color to ensure color accuracy, methods of operation:

Select the object to fill in the toolbox, select the "Fill tool" in the "Fill Color dialog box" (Shift + F11), in the open "standard Fill in the dialog" Select the color pattern and color.

2. Gradient fill

CorelDRAW12 the "gradient fill" to include in the "linear," "Ray," "cone", "square corner" in the four gradient, you can use the various options are flexible colorful gradient fill.

Selected to fill the object, the toolbar's "color fill" tool in select "gradient fill" (shortcut key F11), pop-up "gradient fill mode" dialog.

In the "color mix" option, the "color", "custom" 2, where "color fill" is the default gradient color CorelDRAW12 way.


(1) two-color gradient

See the four-color gradient in the gradient fill options:

Linear fill fill-ray cone filled square corner fill

In the "Options" column, "angle" is used to set the angle of gradient fills, which range between -360 掳 -360 掳.

Angle of 90 掳, the filling effect of 45 掳 when the angle of the fill effects

"Step" value used to set the gradient of the class number, the default is set to 256, the greater the value, the more gradual level, the performance of the gradient the more delicate.

Step 256 the fill effect

Step 5 Fill Effects

"Boundary" is used to set the width of the edge of their range in between 0-49, the greater the value, the edges between adjacent colors more narrow, the more obvious changes in its color.

The effect of boundary fill 0

The effect of boundary fill of 50

"Center displacement" can be adjusted ray cone, fill the center position of the gradient method.


(2) Custom fill

Select a good "custom fill" option, the user can double-click the left button to increase the gradient axis color control points, then the right to set the color palette. Double-click the triangle on the left mouse button, you can remove the color point.

Gradient Fill dialog box can also be below the "default" drop-down list, in CorelDRAW 12 pre-designed color gradient fill style in a choice, or add and remove color gradient.

3. Pattern fill

Select the object to be filled, the fill tool in the toolbox, select "Pattern Fill button", CorelDRAW 12 users in here for three pattern fill mode: two-color, full color and bitmap mode, there are a variety of different patterns and styles to choose from.

4. Texture Fill

Select the object to be filled, the fill tool in the toolbox, select "Texture Fill button" will open the "Texture Fill" dialog box, where CorelDRAW 12 provides the user with more than 300 kinds of texture patterns and materials, there is a bubble, spot , watercolor, etc. After the user select a variety of textures, but also in the "texturing" for detailed settings dialog box.

5. PostScript fill

PostScript PostScript language filled out by a shading, click the Fill tool in the toolbox of "PostScript fill button" in the open dialog box to select the PostScript style and setting.


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dell second quarter profit by 28 percent cited dissatisfaction with the price war has hurt revenue

REVIEW Dell Thursday posted second-quarter earnings, while profit rose 28% last year, but because of slow sales growth, lead to an unhappy investor.

NEW YORK August 12 News (Dai Yan compile search), according to foreign reports, Dell Thursday posted second-quarter earnings, while profit rose 28% last year, but because of slow sales growth, lead to an unhappy investor.

Dell said the weak federal government orders and measures affecting the sales of large-scale discount. Second-quarter sales of 13.4 billion U.S. dollars, grew by just 15%. Second-quarter earnings as high as 10 million (41 cents per share), compared with last year's second quarter of 800 million U.S. dollars increased by 200 million U.S. dollars. However, Dell's earnings included a recovery of profits earned overseas, tax cuts, otherwise the profit of 38 cents per share, and Wall Street's forecast of the same.

Dell is the earnings after the market closed, and the company's shares had earlier closed at 39.58 U.S. dollars, in extended trading, shares fell amid investor disappointment 8%, fell to 36.45 U.S. dollars.

For investors accused the sales growth was too slow, Dell executives said the acceptance, saying the reason is to provide consumers with too many benefits. CEO Kevin Rollins said: "The company is in little change in the competitive environment, some of which measures price war there mistakes, we did look at the sales strategy on a number of overly aggressive."

Recently, Dell has repeatedly published in the advertisement is by inviting low to entice consumers through the website or toll-free number to order. If the customer an additional few hundred dollars, but also can get more memory, faster chipsets, or liquid crystal displays and other upgrades. However, the effect of these strategies than in the past declined. In the second quarter, Dell's average revenue per PC of 1610 U.S. dollars from last year fell to 1,480 U.S. dollars, while the first quarter of this year, this figure is 1520 U.S. dollars.

In another development, Dell expects third quarter revenue will reach 14.1 to 14.5 billion U.S. dollars, earnings will be 29 cents to 41 cents per share.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The new second generation of new ID card readers

Second generation of ID card readers DKQ-116D

Price 楼: 1350

Police: ID card to apply for ID card identification, household registration migration, population management.

Home: education, work, join the army, marriage registration.

Civil Aviation: ticket purchase, boarding, etc..

Bank: Bank, credit card transactions, such as large withdrawals.

Hotels: accommodation and registration.

Post Office: to collect remittances.

Securities: stocks, futures and so on.

Telecommunications: Telephone (mobile) account, various communication services and so on.


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Dynamic change CBA button

RESOURCE CBA r_yourapp_softkeys_options_open
buttons =
CBA_BUTTON (id = EAknSoftkeyOptions; txt = "Options";),
CBA_BUTTON (id = EYourAppCmdOpenApp; txt = "Open";)

RESOURCE CBA r_yourapp_softkeys_options_stop
buttons =
CBA_BUTTON (id = EAknSoftkeyOptions; txt = "Options";),
CBA_BUTTON (id = EYourAppCmdStopApp; txt = "Stop";)

In the HRH file

enum TYourAppCommandIds
/ / ...
id = EYourAppCmdOpenApp,
id = EYourAppCmdStopApp,
/ / ...

In your application''s AppUi class:

void CYourAppUi:: SetCommandSetL (TInt aResourceId)
CEikButtonGroupContainer * cba = CEikButtonGroupContainer:: Current ();
cba-> SetCommandSetL (aResourceId);

Now you can call:


where ever you want.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taobao Alipay betrayal?

Filed Taobao, will invariably think of Alipay. Impression seems to be Taobao Alipay exclusive means of payment for online shopping for the escort. However, this impression should be corrected down. What happened the last three months show that Po seems to have paid "grown up", "independence":

In August, in conjunction with China Netcom, to create a new era of broadband fees paid line

July, together outstanding Amazon, into the B2C area

June, reached a strategic partnership with Dell, you can use Alipay to buy from Dell Computer of the

Three things seem normal, in fact, have a deeper meaning behind it.

Join hands with China Netcom, the team can be considered for the future buried treasure to pay a hint. Netcom users now pay online through Alipay only net costs, but the future then? With China Telecom to hit "My e-Home" Internet sharing program different, Netcom to focus more on the follow-up online services. "Broadband Business", "CNCMAX broadband my world", "Golden Club", "10060" and is its representative. These services can not always be a free meal, Netcom, but also as its profit forecast. Then, when the service improved, user training up, and Netcom to how to make it easier for users to pay all the expenses? The answer is: pay!

The work great Amazon, it means Alipay the "past" and "betrayal" - and it is great Amazon competitor Taobao, one of Amazon's excellent work to some extent on the means and Taobao enemies! But if there is no "betrayal", then payment will treasure forever be a disgrace to an "open platform" position!

As with the Dell reached a strategic cooperation agreement that paper, you can hand in as a team Alipay out of one test score, who is Dell. With expertise in e-commerce known to Dell's "Points", I believe no one would question Alipay the field today in the third party payment accomplishments. Dell already has a mature business model in the case, still need to pay the third party payment partner Po such support, but also a way, that the third party payment is for.

In fact, Baidu casual look, you can know Alipay tentacles now stretch how fast. Or say it with numbers: At present, support the use of external Alipay service number has more than 460,000 businesses, covering airfare, virtual games, digital communications and business services sectors. Deadline May 6, 2008, Paypal registered users has reached 80 million, the total number of visitors has more than 1 / 3. The faster than expected. Some analysts said Alipay break 100 million this year the number of users has no suspense.

Even more shocking is that, Paypal is not only a partner in the business enterprise. Shaoguan in Guangdong, to participate in the social security of the people already started to pay health insurance pay for treasure; in Zhejiang, many places have to pay road maintenance fees can be paid a treasure.

Taobao is now treasure for the payment of "just one of the largest customers," unconsciously, Taobao Alipay the former "brother" really grown up!

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