Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taobao Alipay betrayal?

Filed Taobao, will invariably think of Alipay. Impression seems to be Taobao Alipay exclusive means of payment for online shopping for the escort. However, this impression should be corrected down. What happened the last three months show that Po seems to have paid "grown up", "independence":

In August, in conjunction with China Netcom, to create a new era of broadband fees paid line

July, together outstanding Amazon, into the B2C area

June, reached a strategic partnership with Dell, you can use Alipay to buy from Dell Computer of the

Three things seem normal, in fact, have a deeper meaning behind it.

Join hands with China Netcom, the team can be considered for the future buried treasure to pay a hint. Netcom users now pay online through Alipay only net costs, but the future then? With China Telecom to hit "My e-Home" Internet sharing program different, Netcom to focus more on the follow-up online services. "Broadband Business", "CNCMAX broadband my world", "Golden Club", "10060" and is its representative. These services can not always be a free meal, Netcom, but also as its profit forecast. Then, when the service improved, user training up, and Netcom to how to make it easier for users to pay all the expenses? The answer is: pay!

The work great Amazon, it means Alipay the "past" and "betrayal" - and it is great Amazon competitor Taobao, one of Amazon's excellent work to some extent on the means and Taobao enemies! But if there is no "betrayal", then payment will treasure forever be a disgrace to an "open platform" position!

As with the Dell reached a strategic cooperation agreement that paper, you can hand in as a team Alipay out of one test score, who is Dell. With expertise in e-commerce known to Dell's "Points", I believe no one would question Alipay the field today in the third party payment accomplishments. Dell already has a mature business model in the case, still need to pay the third party payment partner Po such support, but also a way, that the third party payment is for.

In fact, Baidu casual look, you can know Alipay tentacles now stretch how fast. Or say it with numbers: At present, support the use of external Alipay service number has more than 460,000 businesses, covering airfare, virtual games, digital communications and business services sectors. Deadline May 6, 2008, Paypal registered users has reached 80 million, the total number of visitors has more than 1 / 3. The faster than expected. Some analysts said Alipay break 100 million this year the number of users has no suspense.

Even more shocking is that, Paypal is not only a partner in the business enterprise. Shaoguan in Guangdong, to participate in the social security of the people already started to pay health insurance pay for treasure; in Zhejiang, many places have to pay road maintenance fees can be paid a treasure.

Taobao is now treasure for the payment of "just one of the largest customers," unconsciously, Taobao Alipay the former "brother" really grown up!

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